6-12KV oil-immersed distribution transformer
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6-12kv oil -immersed distribution transformer
6-12kv oil -immersed distribution transformer

1 The performance of our S9 S10 S11 series 20kV and 35kV three-phase oil-immersed transformer conform to the standard of GB 1094-1996 “Power Transformer “ and GB/T6451-2008 “Technical Parameter and requirements of Three-phase Oil-immersed Power Transformer”.
2 The iron core is made of quality cold –rolled silicon steel sheet , and the coil is made of quality oxygen-free copper, featuring good outlook and safe running.
3 The products are widely used in power transmission and distribution of industrial and agricultural power networks.
4 Iron core is made of cold-rolled silicon-steel sheet with high conduction of magnetism and adopts pulling-plank structure, so that its magnetic route is short, losses and noise level is low;
5 Compress wire is adopted for winding so losses are low and have good ability withstand short-circuit;
6 Its active part adopts special pressing method which could ensure reliable axial pressure;
7 The oil tank is bell type with the structure of full folding plate type, having an excellent exterior and easy for maintenance;
8 Reliability: All in-service product have no damages or oil leakage occurred;
9 Oil tank with various kinds of structure and good appearance.

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