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Murge Brand’s Debut in Hannover

Date:2019-08-24 Views:369

On the evening of April 22, 2019, local time, Germany, the 2018 Hannover industrial expo with the theme of "industrial integration -- interconnection and cooperation" officially opens. Founded in 1947, Hannover messe is today's largest international industrial event. As a bellwether of global industrial technology, Hannover messe attracts many top global manufacturers to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition focuses on how people, machines and information technology can further integrate and collaborate, as well as "industry 4". 0 "describes the development direction of the factory in the future.

Murge, a subsidiary of WECOME, is presented at the exhibition. As an independent brand of WECOME in the electrical field, Murge is mainly engaged in r&d, manufacturing and sales of medium voltage electrical products such as inflatable ring network cabinet, inflatable load switch, vacuum circuit breaker, grounding switch and other medium and low voltage electrical components and accessories. This exhibition, Murgeshows the world merchants MGC - 12 aeration tank, FMG - 36 load switch cabinet, KYN28A - 12 (Ⅱ) armoring move open ac metal-enclosed switchgear cabinet put oneself in another's position, Aikko low-voltage switchgear cabinet put oneself in another's position and accessories which are the star products of the independent research and development.

 In the debut in Hannover, Mu XiaoDong, chairman and President of WECOME, Shi YuShuang vice President, Lin DaoYi, Hou WenWei, Shao Licheng deputy general manager of Murge Electric CO., LTD., and other company related technical, marketing personnel team. From the booth planning to communicate details, it all have been through careful consideration.

Hall G65, covering an area of 112 square meters, is where the company meets customers from all over the world.

Company focusing on the MGC - 12 inflatable ring network power supply unit, FMG - 36 load switch cabinet, KYN28A - 12 (Ⅱ) armoring move open ac metal-enclosed switchgear cabinet, Aikko low-voltage switchgear cabinet and accessories, VMG (12 kv ~ 24 kv) medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker and its operating mechanism, etc. The star products of the independent research and development, the sentiment, based around new products advisory came in an endless stream. A lot of people are attracted to the video of Murge and WECOME intelligent manufacturing plant.

During the exhibition, the company also holds a technology BBS. Mu XiaoDong gives a speech and welcomes the guests, and says: "This is the first time for us to come to Hannover to participate in the annual industrial expo banquet, we hope to become a regular visitor to Hannover in the future, and communicate with you, establish friendship, and discuss cooperation.”Subsequently, Mu LinSen introduces to the guests the development of WECOME and Murge in recent years and the technical characteristics of many new products for promotion and application.

The MGC-12 gas-filled ring network power supply unit is a new SF6 gas-insulated medium voltage switching device independently developed by Murge company. The product adopts modular design, which can be arranged arbitrarily according to different design schemes, and can be extended to meet the flexible use needs of compact switchgear in various secondary substations.

 FMG-36 type SF6 load switch is what the company uses the international new technology and combines with relevant IEC standard on its own research and development of medium voltage switchgear. Its dynamic and static contact are placed in the strengthening of the structure of the injection epoxy resin shell, shell in epoxy resin filling, SF6 gas as arcing and insulating medium. It is a collection of brake, grounding, which integrates multi-functional free maintenance equipment, with a minimum of components to achieve the above three kinds of functions, thus to ensure the quality of the product.

The exhibition also presented the company's new product, Aikko low-voltage switchgear, which was launched in 2017. It ended the history of weak innovation and lack of high-end brands in the domestic low-voltage switchgear industry for many years. It is suitable for three-phase ac frequency of 50-60hz, rated voltage of 400V (690V) and below, rated current of 6300A and below in the power generation and power supply system, widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other places.

With solid technical strength and accumulated experience, the company can quickly grasp the needs of global customers. These days, customers from more than 30 countries around the world have had in-depth talks with the company, and the company's high-end products have attracted the attention of Schneider, Siemens and other international counterparts. They have visited the booth for many times to view the products. During this period, Shao liCheng, deputy general manager of Murge Electric Company, also accepted the media interview and made a brief introduction to the products.

Taking Hannover exhibition as the starting point, the company will continue to seek breakthroughs, look globally, and provide better electrical equipment solutions for customers at home and abroad.