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Murge Electric Company Shows in Middle-East International Electric Power Exihibition

Date:2019-08-23 Views:416

Murge Electric Company Shows in Middle-East International Electric Power Exihibition

From March 5th to 7thof 2019, the 44th international Middle East power show is held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The independent brand of WECOME INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING CO., INC.,LTD –“MURGE ELECTRIC" is presented with all kinds of products including vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 ring network cabinet, medium cabinet, low voltage cabinet, etc.These products with cutting-edge technology in the electrical industry have won the favor of international merchants.

During the exhibition, many international customers come to visit inan endless stream. They are from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India and other countries of electric power equipment manufacturer. EPC contractors stop at the booth, and have a deep conversation with MURGE ELECTRIC Company. With full mental state, professional technical knowledge, enthusiasm service attitude, MURGE team has a smooth way in receiving each customer, showing the new products, introducing new technology, comprehensively setting brand image. By the majority of merchants, MURGE has reached a number of cooperation intentions.

 Mu XiaoDong, chairman and president of WECOME, who also leads the team to participate in the exhibition, says: "As a new brand of WECOME, although MURGE is a start up, it has been quickly accepted by the market and welcomed by customers with its advantages such as technology and products. At present, the international market has a good prospect and huge potential. 'One Belt And One Road' market is constantly growing and has great imagination space, which makes people full of expectations." Mu XiaoDong also says that in the future MURGE will more closely follow the needs of the international market, actively develop more competitive high-end products, and make more efforts to build MURGE brand into an international brand.

It is reported that since 2018, MURGE ELECTRIC has made its debut at Hanover industrial expo in Germany. Its products have got many compromises and received good market responsefrom international merchants. On April 1st - 5th of this year, MURGE will set out for Hanover again, bringing more cutting-edge technology products to the majority of customers.