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Two New WECOME INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING Products Get Past by the Provincial Industrial New Product Identification and Reach the domestic leading level

Date:2019-08-23 Views:371

After the application made by WECOME., entrusted by Zhejiang provincial economic and information commission, Yueqing Economic and Information Bureau organized a new product appraisal meeting in WECOME on May 17 of 2018.The meeting is presided over by Wu YunHai, deputy chief of investment section of Yueqing Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and the expert group which are composed of Wenzhou university, Wenzhou Vocational and Technical college, Wenzhou Mechanical and Electrical Technology Association.The expert panel listen carefully to the new product report, reviewed technical documents, test reports and other data. Check out the new product prototype.Aikko low-voltage switchgear for control of everything "and" KYN28A - 12 (Ⅱ) armoring move open ac metal-enclosed switchgear cabinet (arc) "passed the provincial

new product identification industry. 

 Aikko Low-voltage Switchgear



The appraisal unanimously concluded that the technical documents provided by WECOME are complete, standard and meet the appraisal requirements: Good feedback and economic and social benefits. Its production equipment, test means and process tools can meet the requirements of mass production. Expert group think the development of the product is successful and consistent evaluation "Aikko low-voltage switchgear" and "KYN28A - 12 (Ⅱ) armoring move open ac metal-enclosed switchgear cabinet (arc)" 2 product technology in the domestic leading level, agree to get past by the provincial industrial new product appraisal.

As electrical cabinet industry leading enterprises, WECOME adhere to the "production generation, research and development generation, idea generation" development concept, and established technology center, enterprise institute and other research institutions, and Hunan university, Harbin industrial university, Wenzhou university and other institutions established the industry-university-institute cooperation relations, and Pangang group jointly established the "joint laboratory of electric steel".The company focuses on innovation-driven, combined with the industry development trend and customer demand, and continues to conduct in-depth research and exploration of products.In recent years, the company has made great achievements in technology research and development, and completed the upgrading and upgrading of high and low voltage electrical cabinet products, led and participated in the formulation of more than 10 national standards for electrical products, and achieved adequate innovation results.