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WECOME awarded the honorary title of "the First in Electric Cabinet Manufacturing Industry in China"

Date:2019-08-23 Views:352

Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce of Lishui city held 2018 Lishui Temperature Business Conference on March 20.Yang ZhengQuan, former deputy director of the information office of the state council, Xu GuangWen, deputy mayor of Lishui municipal people's government, Sun LeMing, deputy minister of the united front work department of the municipal party committee and secretary of the party group of the municipal federation of industry and commerce, heads of various government departments and financial systems attended the conference.

At the meeting, WECOME is awarded the honorary title of " the Top in Electric Cabinet Manufacturing Industry in China" by the "Lishui First" organizing committee. Yang ZhengQuan, former leader of the information office of the state council, presents the award to Mu XiaoDong, chairman and president of WECOME.  

Mu XiaoDong says in his speech that he is honored to be awarded the honor of "the first in the industry". The reason why WECOME achieved rapid development is the concern and support of the party committee and government at all levels of Lishui city and the good business environment of Lishui.In the future, WECOME will keep its mission firmly in mind and strive to make greater contribution to the economic and social development of Lishui.

At the meeting, Lishui vice mayor Xu GuangWen made a speech, he expresses his gratitude for the contribution to the economic development of Lishui in recent years, and hoped that the majority of Wenzhou entrepreneurs would be confident, stick to the main business, strengthen the industry, and make more achievements for the development of Lishui.