KYN28-24 Medium Voltage Distribution Switchgear
Quick Details:
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: WECOME
Model Number: KYN28-24
Rated Voltage: 6/10/12/24/35KV, 6-40.5kv
Rated current: 630A/1250A/2000A/2500A/4000A
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Standard: IEC/GB
Certificate: KEMA
Distribution panel
1.Made of cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, alumzinc steel
2.Color and size:as your required
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Product Overview :

KYN series metal-clad removable enclosed switch cabinet (called switch cabinet for short). It is applicable for power receiving and distribution in the 3.6-40.5Kv three-phase AC 50Hz single bus bar and single bus bar sectioning system. It has the functions of controlling, protecting and monitoring the circuit.

Working Conditions:

a. The Ambient temperature upper limit and lower limit are respectively +40°C and -40°C; (allowing storage and transportation at -30°C);
b. Altitude is not more than 1000m;
c. Relative humidity: daily average value should not be more than 95%, while monthly average value should not be more than 90% (+25°C);
d. Seismic intensity should be not more than 8°;
e. Places without fire, explosion risk, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.


The switch cabinet is metal-clad. Its structure design accords with the standards GB3906-91, IEC298, DL404 and DL402. The crust structure is made of steel plates by means of bending and welding, which are joined by bolts. The hand buggy panel is the door of cabinet. The bosom of switch cabinet is divided into a breaker chamber, a main bus bar chamber, a cable chamber and a relay chamber by metal partitions. The degree of protection of the entire crust and compartments is IP2X equally. All the metal structures are connected to ground reliably. All the compartments of main circuit system have pressure release channels for independent exhaust.

Technical parameters :

Item Unit Parameters
Rated voltage KV 12~24
Rated current HZ 50
Rated current of circuit breaker A 630\2000
Rated current of switch cabinet A 630\2000
Rated current of dynamic stability (4S) KA 16\20\25\31.5\40\50
Rated current of dynamic stability (peak) KA 40\50\63\80\100\125
Rated short circuit drop-out current KA 16\20\25\31.5\40\50
Rated short circuit making current (peak) KA 40\50\63\80\100\125
Rated insulation level 1min power frequency withstand voltage KA 24 32 42
lighting impulse withstand voltage KA 40 60 75
protection degree IP2X shell: IP4X, it is IP2X when compartment and circuit breaker room is open

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