MNS Second Generation LV Draw-out MCC Panel
MNS-II is Wecome's 2nd generation draw-out MCC panel, Which is widely used in power plants, substation, petroleum, textile industries.
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Structure Instruction

1. Flexible hand-crank mechanism: Manual operation and Motor operation.

2. The new feeding interlock mechanism used for drawers, with 3 working position: locking, indicating and closing interlock.

3. Drawer type: Unit drawer, 1/2 drawers, 1/4 drawers.

4. Cable outgoing from lateral side.

Standard Dimension

Height * Width * Depth (mm)

2200 600 800/1000

800 800/1000

1000 800/1000

Note: Other dimensions could also be customized.

Main Processing Characteristics

1.Panel part: All parts possibly under touch of operator shall have their right angles chamfered, to avoid scratch injuries; The modified busbar holder makes the busbar installation easier and more pleasing for its outlook; The ventilation fence top installed has drop-proof facility; The top cover is open wide, easy to ley main busbar at user site.

2. Drawer parts: The drawer is of double-fold locating-slot riveting process, all parts using one-step moulding, 100% interchangeable among drawers, while double-folding and riveting solves the defect of burrs of the sheet plates and hand injury caused by sharp-tip of self-tapping screws.

3. Connectors: The outgoing and incoming primary plug-ins of drawers can be directly used with canal covers and metal support, easy for wiring with secondary connector, and desirable layout.

4. Panel support: Using half-set canal cover or iron support, easily to be interchanged.

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